Sunday, May 25, 2008

...........................ZEROing in!

All over India, it’s suddenly going from voluptuous to violin-string-skinny. Hottest bod of the season- is size ‘0’. I’m not here to criticize or congratulate the concept.

Fashion houses become mad-houses when they’ve got to fashion a fresh-fad for the latest trend.
Here is a retail house that tries to capitalize on the size ‘0’ phenomenon.

Click on pictures to enlarge:

So, what are you zeroing in on?

ps: And i wanted people to see the idiocy in size 0, hence the nanga concept!:)


Chriz said...

something shud be hidden... curiosity shud kill the cat.. no fun in nanga...

Sachin said...

LOL !!! good sketch, who made it ??? ;-)

hey nice template :)

rantravereflect said...

well, going by what 'men' want, this is what it is ;)

course, i made teh sketches..i love thinkin dirtyyyyy- ya think they're decent, or should i say indecent;)?
n thanks abt the template- time i got a new one ;)

Preeti said...

NICE template di...VERY different :)

And the post n size 0, the less said-the better, u know my take on it...I'm certain i'd prefer to be covered than be coming a size 0 and giving competition to those somalian refugees...! ;)

love u!

--xh-- said...

hm.. nice concept.. but that leaves nothing fro imagination.. just a l'll bit of cloths at strategic places will have more effects.. and personally, i cant stand the sie zero... a l'll bit on plump side is what doc ordered for me :)

rantravereflect said...

thanks babee!!
spent sooo much time getting it up, lost teh widgets, redid it, yeh, i guess it's worth the effort :)

zero size, yehhh teh less said, teh better:)somalian refugees-they dun have a choice; somalian models on teh ramp- grrrr- sad for 'em..

well, :) i think all emn like a lil' flesh.. these are for the exceptions;)
i wanted people to see the

rantravereflect said...

well, :) i think all emn like a lil' flesh.. these are for the exceptions;)
i wanted people to see the idiocy in size 0, hence the nanga concept..

Vrij said...

Not possible na.. women surely wont be seen on the roads wearing those hot clothes.. or better still, without them :(

Smokin Joe said...

Great yaar.. really good.

Well I expected more from "bebo" though ;-)

And what's on his mind, is what's on the board. Dandy rocks!!! ;-)

One last thing, the template rocks!

rantravereflect said...

a lotta woman are getting hot on teh streets these days- ya have reason to smile :):)
n well, with the nanga concept, well- it's all out in the open!;)

smokin joe-->
your comments rock buddy!

rantravereflect said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Maverick Blog said...

Read it twice to understand the concept! Verrry creative and a bit complex for me... I hope to get used to your style of writing...


BIG Omi said...

ahnnn... well lets make some attire made outta polo.. its cools and it cashes on the concept of size 'o'..

What say?
inni complete idiocacy??


Gonecase said...

I love the size 0 ... but only for clothes, size 0 girls are more of a hanger and less of a stuff ;)

LOL @ sketches Lady Hussain :P

Nice template too !!

AaYuShI said...


_Adult Content_
write that up on yr blog..or i'll ask blogger to stalk you..:P

do visit my online abode soooon :D

Kavitha Jay said... the last sketch..good job..very creative thinking ;)

Compassion Unlimitted said...

size 0 size -1 size- 2 size -3..will it stop..indian men and big sizes r made for each other size 0 ..naaaa

Ria said...

well the nanga concept works for Size 0 gurls coz they anyways hav nothin to hide! :D imagine a voluptuous gurl exposin...she wud definitely look sexy or even sleazy for tht matter.

The Techno Maniac said...

i tht u were fretting that some apparel stores were not stocking ur size attires.. :P

drawing has improved greatly.. all important parts are well sketched.. ;P

The Techno Maniac said...

and font was good.. i like dthe font..

Divkiran said...

Hi Hi Ha ha ha
Wah wah...kya sketches hai babe
And by the way, size zero concept is maha useless...absolutely unhealthy

Personally saw miss size zero recently on airport...huge daek circles with cheeks sucked in...looked like a skeleton...really looked horrible without the "hide it all" makeup!!!

And if you are size zero... theres hardly any skin left... what are they even tryin to show ;-P

AND you have been blogroled tooo!!!

Keshi said...

size 0 models r like the clothes hangers. I pity em.


crasiezt said...

Super super super stuff! I have no words..floored completely! Smokin Joe's got someone to watch out for:D

Anonymous said...

Lol... nice sketches ma'am.. LOL@ Go nanga... but yes again.. ill go with Chriz sir... "sumthin should be hidden.."

Nice idea and awesum sketches...:-)...


vishesh said...

i am trying not to imagine :D and cool sketches :)

Gayatri said...

If you're a size zero, flaunt it.. no hiding concept.. but if you're not, lotsa layers :) Neat sketch and cool template, btw!

vishesh said...

hmm...there seems to be an error in ur feeds...


very creative.gud sketches.personally size 0 is not for me

vishesh said...

oh well its alright now...

Anonymous said...

Size zero DOES look hot in some cases (it does! it does!). In others, its anorexics and pale vampires who havnt had blood for decades probably, that includes bebo, whose face looks like my ass when i got diarrhea.

its scary man....even with the make up (makes it scarier)

however,i dont like nanga concept. I'll throw up if i see a lot of people hang out nude (pun intended at hang out....ew ew ew sorry!)

awesome sketches(love 'em O's)...awesome template. Great work!

peace, cheers, respect

SLOGGER said...

Men don't design product like that!!! Then again by going by the number of comments you got, may be they are ;)

Anonymous said...

Size 0? Not for Indian girls..! How will we ever fit into a size 0?

Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

well the new obsession means that there will be more ice cream for me to enjoy [:P] loved the one last cartoon btw...

Anonymous said...

ROFL... God girl... i think this is teh right way to be "nanga"

i m also bugged by the size 0 .. i dnt knw hw to get there from a siz 20 :D:D::D:D

Raz said...

grt template

grt drawings - did u draw them?

are u from chennai. we shld get to know each other.

and really funny post. u rock.

d SINNER!!! said...

nys template..

nys wrk...and abt the 0 thingy...looks weird...

Arun Sundar said...

One wishes such things never stop with sketches.

Prats said...

Size zero sounds more like a one dimensional think its a case of sour grapes????
No way i'll even reach any wil lnot even think of it...but nanga?

shooting star said...

hahaha...very funny!!!
on a serious note....all this talk about size just crazy...i mean..what about me??i can never be size zero..that means this season..there's nothing for me. by the brands????
BTW ...good sketch

Nitu said... to basic..
Just a question, is size zero is fashionable in Somalia too ?

Macadamia The Nut said...

Please tell me they're your sketches! Pleeeeseee!! Pleeeseee! :D Then i can become a complete fan. LOL!

Akshay said...

amazing sketches!! they remind me of the ones we use to make during the boring college lectures !!! though i really can't enlarge the sketches....

Nirmal's Blog said...

hehehe...tat was funny..

fashion is something which suits u when u WEAR......

and in NANGA....thers no cloth so no

nice post..

rantravereflect said...

maverick blog-->
did ya read it again to understand, or check out the nanga picz??;);)

big omi-->
as i told ya, lezz start our own creative team- we'd rock cute fella!

tat'd be more of a pervy hussain!!;)

adult content- i thought ya din't like being called a kid ;)

yeh, thanks babe!!

compassion unlimited-->
yehhh, indian mean always look at teh 'big picture' ;)
size 0 is the sameller one ofcourse!

yehhh, totally agree with ya- sleazy beyond doubt!

the techno-maniac-->
i was mocking the size 0 concept- soooo yehhhh, it was more fretting, n less appreciating!!

rantravereflect said...

mannnn, is tat how she looked! well, yeh, even in tashan, her face seemed to have lost all teh freshness! i like it plump, n i love being plump!!- it's the way to beeeeeeeee!!:):):)

what do ya tell a size 0 woman---> go hang ;)

i'm sooo glad ya were rotfl:):) n smokin joe's my guru-- i'd be happpppeeeee even to be compared!!

yehhh, all men wan something left to the imagination, cos the thrill is always in the thought n not the sight i guess ;)

imagination is the key to creative happiness ;);)

i'm the lotsa layerz personnnn.. sooo yehhh, tatz abt it :)

size 0 better not do well for ya!!!;);)

rantravereflect said...

soooo how te hell do ya manage to watch ya arse when ya're diarrhoea-ing?????
n yehhhhh, 'hang' out- haaa haaa- yeahhh hanging stuffis always a turn-off ;);) but isnt it wat ftv models do?? n still men gape?????

rantravereflect said...

heeee, and i thought ya knew what designs men have in their all the time ;);) sadly mistaken hmmm???

i can't even drema of size 0, i'd lose half of myself if i do, n i won't be me if i were just a hlf, will i??:);)

more starvation, more ice-cream,,, woman, teh glass is always half-full for ya!!!or must i say teh ice-cream bowl is always half-full!!!:):)

don't fret ya have complany.. :) i'm a size 40 :):):)

yehhhhh, i drew them babe.. n i'm in chennai!!
lezz meet up- anytime!!!!

rantravereflect said...

d sinner-->
yehhh, it is weird, cos it's a zero- empty n weird!

arun sundar-->
haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa..
i didn't expect tat comment!:)

yehh babe-- 1 d.. n here i'm sooo multi-dimensional :D

shooting star-->
yehhhhh, nuttin 4 me too, shopped for 4 hours yesterday, n nothinggggggggggggggggggggg :(:(:(
just a lot of adipose on my tummy, left sadddd without anythin nice to cover them!

yeahhh, india wants to become 'somalia reincarnated'! god knows why!

mac the nut-->
womannnnnn, yeh i made those sketchessss! n puhleeeeeeeeeeeeese stop pulling my leg, girl!

rantravereflect said...

yehhhh, even me! college used to be fun, cos i drew more in my notes, n less in my records!!
heeee:):) get ya sketches enlarged!! share the nude joy!! ;);)

nirmal's blog-->
yehhh, no cloth, no fashion!!
but yeh, tats getting in fashion these dayz!!!:)

Gonecase said...

He has always been one, innt :P

rantravereflect said...

always been one ;)

Shruti said...

aila.. khatarnaak! :D
Size 0 is totally bekaar btw!

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

Lol, kareena's was SO funny. Tottally suited her. Lol. so bimboish. haha.. awesome.

Mama - Mia said...


being wayy above size zero (like in double digit) me like making fun of size zero!! :p

but seriously its scary all this crap and women falling for it!! eat something!!



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