Sunday, July 29, 2012


The evening is perfect. Except for the mosquitoes and the sweat-serving humidity. The high adrenaline alternative rock band: ‘Tails on Fire’ sets the tone for the epic grandeur of one of the biggest unique metal acts in Chennai- Wolf’s Lair’s EP release. Incidentally, bands now come with their official photographers; like vocalists come with their own baggage, chicks and tantrums. Photographers come a dime a dozen these days: some good ones, some average DSLR-owning Joes who think shoving their lens around is their birthright. 

Standing on stage is a drunk, young girl with loose curls, a looser off-shoulder top and an even looser halter strap bra. She alternatively clicks pictures on stage, head (boob) bangs, skitters off stage, drinks directly from a RS Bottle and whispers crappy nothings into her friends’ ears. The skin show is haphazardly sexy, the drunken stupor is surely wannabe, the unsynchronised head banging is hesitantly forgiven and the tease photography is frankly a turn off.
But, something about this nondescript girl strikes a chord.

Youth. Life. Abandon. 
In that instant, in that bubble, when everyone else is assimilating the magic of Wolf Lair’s metal meeting opera in the track Killzone, she is in her Happyzone.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Politics & Cricket- they have more in common than you think.

At the beginning of the 2012 India-Aussie-Sri Lanka tri-series, it was just Sachin, Sehwag & Gambir who were not PERFORMING.
Then we realised the entire line-up of 11 with the extras SUCKED.

First we thought 3 Ministers in  Karnataka Assembly were watching pornstars PERFORMING.
Then we find out that 15 MLAs were watching pornstars SUCKING n licking.

So, is it safe to say we Indians suffer from HERD-Mentality, or for want of a better expression, ORGY-mentality?!

Saturday, April 30, 2011


The RED bindi on the beautiful woman’s forehead kept a man’s roving eyes off her pretty face.

The RED lipstick smeared on the prostitute’s face kept the same man’s dick rising to her fugly face.
The RED motorbike- freshly painted and painstakingly modified by the boys with a bike fetish made the serial killer Red Dragon by Thomas Harris look meek and humble in comparison.
The RED hot chic- wearing a summer fresh chiffon top, sporting painstakingly toned abs and straddling the motorbike made the same RED motorbike look like a tacky prop in an even tackier Bollywood music video.   
This 100 fiction was inspired my my friend's newly modified  bike- and yes- I'm not that chick :/ I'm 20 kgs off the mark, but the bike is like fantabulous!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cunning Cannibal Obsession

Ma new obsession is eating my mind and blowing it to a billion  bits like a cunning cannibal on a suicide mission. It comes in tricky threes and is a triple threat sinful affair.  It assaults ALL my senses, but it’s that one sense that loses the battle like it never even wanted to fight back in the first place, like it was born only to die for this- my new obsession.
RIP dead sense.  
You'll be BORN AGAIN tomo, when I get....................................................... my next 3’s  pack of Oreo biscuits.
My tastebuds 'love unto death' these triple Oreo deadly orgasms. 
PS: That's ma new 100 fiction (story in 100 words) on my new found love - no one'd mind dying with an Oreo as their fulfilled, last death wish :p  

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Backside Cure.

Allen felt depressed beyond cure. Now, amidst these million cricket fans cheering their home team on the field, she was drowning- drowning in that roaring noise when CSK won. Yes, she worshiped MS Dhoni. She loved the men in yellow. But, she wondered why when certain men have God’s destiny written vividly even on their backsides, she was only a nobody.
After the post match party, Dhoni took his prize-woman to his room. He rode her backside fast and hard. Her name was Allen.
 Allen’s last thoughts that night: ‘Yes!  Now, I’ve God’s destiny written vividly on my backside too.”
LOL.. I hope you enjoyed it :) That's my new 100 fiction (story in 100 words)- Taking a stab at writing after a long, long time :) Great to be back- and yes, loving all the cricketing action :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Dave looks at the girl in the yellow kurta and blue jeggings on the bench. It’s his favorite pastime- checking out chicks and scoring them. He usually gave a girl three chances. Three STRIKES was all a girl got.

‘She’s a 4/10- ordinary face, decent body, smooth skin, brown eyes- nice, but nothing to rave about. Strike 1.’

‘A frown creased her forehead. Not a pretty sight. Strike 2.’

Dave almost loses interest, when the girl smiles.

The smile changes everything. Suddenly the face turns extraordinary, the body bootylicious, the skin sensuous and the eyes sparkling. Cupid STRIKES his heart.

This 100 fiction was inspired by Ellie Goulding's super smile. All you guys- 'Happy New Year' and remember, let that gorgeous smile set ya face aglow.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sheela Ki Jawani

Sheela Ki Jawani....
  The thumping hot item number of the month played on the radio. Sarvesh dreamt of getting under that coveted white bed sheet, right beside the gorgeous, chest-jhatkafying actress- Katrina Kaif. Hmmm, so much for pining for his ex-girlfriend Prachi, who axed his heart recently.   

‘This kinda hot dreaming means I’m OVER that bi%@^ Prachi,  
Time for a new girlfriend Paji.’   
 His phone buzzed.  1 msg received. Prachi.
 He opened the text message: ‘Sashu baby, I wanna get bak.    

Elsewhere, Katrina Kaif climbed into her big bed in full PJs, under a white bed sheet. She slept alone.


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