Thursday, May 29, 2008

............................FIRST DATE- Quite a HANDful...

Life is always quite a HANDful- sometimes your hands are sewing stitches without a break, and at others, the sand just seems to be slipping from your hands. Meet Ron & Mon, while they talk about Ron's first date.

HANDy tips from the above:
-->Women think too much, and men use it to their advantage.

-->Men are not the only ones who have sex on their minds all the time.

-->Men love to speak in double entendres, without giving a sigle hint- it's called the system of 'protected-sex-talk' , akin to 'protected sex'.
Even real dates are not as delicious and tasty as these dry fruits we all sooooo love. So, how was your first date guys???Fill in.. :)
Talking of fruits, my first date with the fruit I've been fida over since the first date is right below:
Aren't they lovely strawberries?

They aren' t lovely strawberries, cos they're lovely litchees!!!!

GO FRUITY!! Did you the different spellins of the fruit:

litchee lichi leechee lichee lychee litchi: and I thought English spellings were difficult!!!




--xh-- said...

ROTFL... u got me there... me clean bowled... Lion Dates... LOL man... it was soo out of teh blue :-D
superb :-D

litchies.. i love them with ice cream :)


grl ur driving everyne crazy with ur creations.

litchies and strawberries are ma fav fruits as well.

The Techno Maniac said...

1. drawings are improving
2. you have brains (meant the creative part and not "protected sex talk"
3. my first date sucked big time. I did not know it was a date. I thought that it was two olleagues having dinner.
4. I did not guess "the date" this time. You re getting a hang of keeping the readers guessing..
5. Men know women keep thinking about sex. They also know that they have no courage to talk about that with men (exemptions exists, and are not examples)
6. Lesser the words, the more creative and interesting it is: this post (is the best of all) less to read more to comprehend! good going..

keep improvising..

Your Centaur

The Techno Maniac said...

i like the little eart thing.. how did u do that??

and one more thing: if the doctor (female) is beautiful, you can keep many things away, except... ;P

Arun Sundar said...

Women are a li'l smarter than Mon, one reckons.

Crimson Feet said...

lol... my first date 7th october 1980... i wonder what you girls keep thinking! ;)

very enjoyable post!

elusive said...

##Women think too much, and men use it to their advantage.

-->Men are not the only ones who have sex on their minds all the time.
u r BANG ON!

Lol freakingly hilarious!Awesome gurl!
My first date..hmmmm..i hardly remember much of it except that it was some chinese restaurant..will yu be surprised if i tell u i dont remember the guy's face? :D

rantravereflect said...

yaaaaay, i got someone clean-bowled.. waaaaaahreh waaaaahhh:)
litchis with icecrea,- yummmmm man- totalle wyd ya on tat!!

sweetheart, as long as i keep drivin peopel crazy n not away, i'm gladddddd :)

the technomaniac-->
thank ya teddy buddy, :)
i'm really workin on my drawings, soooo yehhhh-mez happeeee.
First dates are generally fukd upppp- heee soooo 2 colleagues eatin n not making a fool of themselves is an achievement, wat say?
heweeee- men reallly know???;) yeah course they do!!
less 2 read, more 2 comprehend- i'm glad i 'm reaching out!

lil' heart thing- oh, ya noticed!! i was doing all kinda things with ma hand and arrived at that :):)

sooooo how teh doc at office treat ya after the accident, n tat 2 ya slept there tat night ;);)

rantravereflect said...

arun sundar-->
waaaaah, ya're a smartass-- i reckon! :)

crimson feet-->
7th oct 1980??? :) heeee now was that ya date of birth??;)
we girls think a lotttttt!! ya shud have created a raziya to pair up with ramprasad.. ya know girl meets boy types- ya'd know wat a woman thinks then!!;)

yeahh woman!! we love 'banging' n getting things bang on!

heee, my deduction from ya comment:
women prefer men to food!!
i mean ya remember the food was chinese, n ya dun remember his face!!atta girl, we women are bitches indeed!

n we're proud of tat, aren't we???

Princess Mia said...

This one was sooooooo funny, everything u mentioned abt men is so right heheh

Absconding said...

Litchees are HEAVENLY!!! I'm someone who indulges in food when I feel down. I'm telling can have a lot of fun while eating litchees that your desperation will MELT away! :D

Smokin Joe said...

THis was amazing yaar.. Shit u also beat me into it! ;-( I hate u!

Crimson Feet said...

oh... you didn't notice I guess... ramprasad rasiya fell in love with nirali over here
and he will also get married to Sita Kumari at a later date. the initial glimpse of their relationship has been shared in the first RR post :)

Sachin said...

Lol !!!

heck of a stuff man :)

-->Men are not the only ones who have sex on their minds all the time.
Thank god u said it....... ;-)

Very creative......... hey, once u have drawn many sketch's ............ you should seriously consider making a ebook..... and share with the readers........we will love it.......

Nirmal's Blog said...

he he tat was great......

let me know when u r that even u can write bout my

crasiezt said...

LOL so true!! It's not just men who think of sex all the time:D

LMAO at the're good babe!

And you know what, to be honest, I like your doodling better than your least I can't guess what's gonna happen:P
Keep it going:-)

Preeti said...

I Love Litchies too...always...with vanilla icecream...but u wr the one who told me abt the tinned litchies rite? or was that my mom? not sure...but i still love litchies :) and i guessed it rite in the pic, as in i dint think they wr strawberries...tatz the foodie in me...ultra attentive abt food stuff :D

Sex...ahem, ahem...idha namba thaniyave pesikalame??? :D hehe

luv u panni

Beauty and the BEast said...

You have a great sense of humour!

Loved the interpretations and enjoyed the conclusions!

P.S. I love Lychees!!

Gonecase said...

Frozen litchees in Icecream, heavenly ! Sketches are funny but what I found funnier was A 'DATE' A DAY KEEPS THE 'GYNECS' BUSY AND GAY....LOL
Good one there !!

burf said...

i love dates as much as dates :D

The Maverick Blog said...

Hehe.. LOL..

"Lion Dates, Singam Pola Strenght Enakku!!" - Strength Edhukku? :D

rantravereflect said...

princess mia-->
yehh all the princes are not knights;)

yehhh woman, they actually melt away allll the depression!! dollops of heaven..

smokin joe-->
but i loveeeeeeeeeeee ya ;);) yippee, i beat ya 2 it!

crimson feeet-->
i commented on teh post!! yaaaaay!
haaaa haa stared n stared n got bored! ya got me there!!

yehhh, sure once i have enough doodles, i'll put them on.. :)

Thinking-of-a-pen-name said...

blog looks gr81nice template!

rantravereflect said...

nirmal's blog-->
soooo temme about ya first date- i'd definitely write about it man! i'm asssumin it cracked ya up!!;)

awwwww.. yehhh i love doodling, but stories, i loev tehm 2:) hee, i'll mix n serve ;)
mwuaaah :* 4 being upfront..:)

let's talk abt sex babyyyyy,,, it's time to show the world the tigress ya really are ;);)
n i didn't tell ya abt teh canned litchis.. soooo where do ya get them???

beauty n the beast-->

ya comment bears testimonial to the fact that ya read ryte up2 the end of my blog ;)
heee, i thought people wudn't get the gynecs joke ;)

rantravereflect said...

i agree with ya- food n datin, two things i loveeeee ;)

teh maverick blog-->
strength eddaku?- heeee .. 5 dates(lion) for taking a lioness on a date for ya man! tatz teh mantra!!;)

heyyyyy thanks!:)

The Maverick Blog said...

Lionukkey Lion Dates ah :P

Good one.. Rock on..

rantravereflect said...

the maverick blog-->
heeeee yehhh man..
when ya can can give love to ya love, ya can give lions to lions ;)

BIG Omi said...

what a jest... superbo...
you got a creative tooth..( think so it must be existing as many of us talk about sweet tooth .. :P)

well my first date was all awwww... no it wasn't awesome.. it was aweful..
total crap... was just passed outta seventh grade and i dated a ninth grader Fair sex.... total crap... returned home all empty wallets... :P

But it was great.. afterall it was something first in my life..

U confounded me when ya said they are strawberries.. lol... lithceees..


The Maverick Blog said...

@ RR

LOL.. Good one :) (And this is not coz I didn't want to react to your comment as u might think :D)

d SINNER!!! said...


i liked the fact that u have cm up with the thing that smtimes women think too much....

Divkiran said...

hiaha ha haha
real fun
specially bout keeping the gynecs busy.

ANd i loooooooovw Litchis tooo...not strawberry though. Hmmmm... and oranges for sure, love them.

Kudos....the myth bout girls being the coy ones and men being the double meain gurus is too time i wan a guy to know all this i will send him a link to this blog

You are definetly gettin better with the drawings...well done again!!!

Keshi said...

PMSL! U rock girl! LOVED IT :):)

I love lychees too yeyy!


Anonymous said...

I would assume that this cartoon strip is your creation.Its wow.Too good. I could never have done it.Why don't you try your hands as a professional cartoonist?

Anonymous said...

And ofcourse, I will keep your advice up on my priority list.So what are you doing this saturday :) ?

Sachin said...

hey, i have blog rolled u :)

Gayatri said...

cool stuff! Might wanna think of starting a separate blog for your sketches.. Its eating up into your writing space you see ;-)

Anonymous said...

LOL@ interpretation of 'Hands were busy' and 'no artificial fluids'..

But I don't think women think waaay to much.. they just interpret waaay too much! :D

Anonymous said...

absolutely hilarious !

esp the lion dates,you revealed it with a lot of drama :)

and ur version of apple a day,i suggest u patent it before somebody really puts it to use without ur permission :D !

Anonymous said...

Hey uber cool post..........lot of tips but may not be very much use for me a seasoned campaigner :))

great blog. do you mind if i drop here ?

Anonymous said...

like i like to use this term aLOT! [ learned it frm Cindy] Ultra Juvenile CRAP :P

GOD!! I was so looking fwd to sme idiotic answer...but u got me ther e:))

this was so cute... and so true!! Girls think too MUCH!

;)) like i did :D

i lov litchis too!

Solitaire said...

Hahaha!! Love the way you ended it.
You should have come to Short and Sweet and commented on that "Apple" post..It was a rage!

No worries. Please come now to have some fun!

Kaavya said...

*still giggling*
Man... that was a CLASS :-D

g-man said...

ahhh, i have even more competition. maybe we should have a humor contest or something :) liked what you had to say at the end though, and i completely agree with it

i haven't had a first date yet :|

Nirmal's Blog said...

ok i guess u dint get wat i said....

tell me when u r free ..(so tat we can have cofee)...even u can write bout my date ..(our date)...

hey bhagwan..ladkiyan bhi naa hints nahi samajte...


rantravereflect said...

heeeeeeeeeee ;)
well, ya sot me jacked there man!!
yehhh women never understand!! ya men speak in such circles!!!!!:):(;)

rantravereflect said...

cute, big omi-->
i've a sweeter tooth than i do a creative toot.. maybe we shud consult with our dentist bloggers sometime n ask them to classify..
older woman---- mannnnnn, get sumone ya own age!!! ;););)

teh maverick blog-->
i gotchaaaaaaaaa!!! buhahahahhahahahah/..

d sinner-->
haaaa! i'm glad ya agree ya sinister sinning writer!!:)

i loveeeeeeeeeeee oranges as well, heeee:)
n yehhh send this link to neone ya please, if it cud dive sense in2 a man, ma mission stands accomplished!

thanks woman!!!
yehh lychees are too good, amost exotic!!:)

professional cartoonist- i'd lurvvv tat man, but ryte now, i'm still an apprentice with smokin joe ;)
this saturday, tat is today, i'm dating the worst cold ever, n gearing up fro a dance show tomorrow!

ya're blogrolled too sweeth hon!

heeeeee, when my writin juices are not flowing, i need asubstitute, so i think i'll keep them alternated, so that i have a good enough no. of posts ;)

one can't interpret without thinking ;) heee soooo women dooo think a lot ;)
but by y aargument, we both are ryte:) peace :*:*:*

rantravereflect said...

buahahhaha!!! yehh, i'm the drama queeen!!!!
i shud seriously conider patenting!!!
people are sooo stealin my ideas!!::(:(

ohhh mannnn, ya can never be sooo seasonned, ya are outt season then- keep acquiring new tricks up ya sleeve!!:):):)
n i sure dun mind ya droppin in!!!

veens-->ultra-juvenile-crap- buhahahahha, now i learn it frm ya :):)
geeeeee.. hugs girl, so are ya stilll kidnapped?? or out???

geee, woman i went in to teh apple a day rage- haaaaa--? i'm def not marrin a doctor..

keep laughing woman!! tatz teh intention!

the day ya get on ya first date, ya'd be off all that porn *gigggggggles*

Sam said...

That was cute!! :)

g-man said...

baap re! not after my first date. that'll take a minimum of 5 to 6 :D

Anonymous said...

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rantravereflect said...

i was born cute :)

5 or 6!! whaaat- are ya a woman?? ;);)

rantravereflect said...

go ahead cj!!:) thumbs up!!

g-man said...

naw, 100% guy. i don't think i'll know what to do on a date, firstly. n i'm not the kinda guy who'd rush into a relationship unless i knew it was headed somewhere. o well...

BIG Omi said...

Yeah sure.. currently outta all hair afffairs.... lucky me... no same ager no old ager....
Single's Sigh !!!
You say whats your status?

rantravereflect said...

awww ya got all sweet n mushy there... kudos boy! i appreciate it! big -tyme :):):)
ps: i was only tryin 2 pull ya leg,
n i'm soooo happy th younger gen is still hanging on a thread of sanity :)

rantravereflect said...

cute, big omi-->
lezz jus say i'm having a good hair day n year n yearz 2 come :):):)

rantravereflect said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BIG Omi said...

Aye good... hair day...
You frm chennai naah... m going to support your team in our city tonite ....
Just got the tickets... he eh... tc. omi

rantravereflect said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :)
yehhh n me waityn for teh match like crazyyyyyy:)
geeee :)
cheer for us man!!! teh chennai sooper-kings need it!

Anonymous said...

hello there;

please, draw more!

just came across your bloggy, i've subscribed.

keep up teh good work!


Anonymous said...

DAMN ! I think I missed out on something :). All the best for your CSK match ! hope dhoni bhaiya does the magic again

gunj said...

quite a sexy post there :D
way to go girllll!!!

Nitu said...

Wow..Lion twisting gal..u r bcoming a fun machine :)

black coffee said...

you are an amzing cartoonist and a great story teller! girl you gotta be published!! :D

sorry was away for a lil while from here!

i love lychees too!! :D

the last line abt gynaecs was great![i hate obstetrics and gynaecology--its a pity i hav to pass the damn thing!! :(]

Anonymous said...

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AaYuShI said...


So cute :P

I just laughed and laughed..:)

Emaan said...

lol !

*~*Sameera*~* said...

That was hilarious!I knew there had to be a googly in the end ;)

I love lychees too!

Nice blog you got here,liked the header :)

Anonymous said...

DAMN they lost the finals. bad bad luck girl ! Next time !!

Macadamia The Nut said...

You are a helluva kidder babe!! LOVED itttt!

Wish I could sketch this way!! Where are those Orkut-like fan markers when you need them Pah!

And Amen @ innuendos. :D Somehow I always find myself at the 'duh' end of them every time. Bleargh!

P.S. Seriously seriously awesome imagination! *awed!*

Sutta said...


BIG Omi said...

Still in trauma of yesterdays Lost Battle kya?
Well, the day i went to witness it.. it they won..
And I got some great memoirs from that match..

Where are you BTW?

Chriz said...

man i forgot the date story, once i saw the litchis... now am drooling.. litchi.. here i go for a frappe...

Keshi said...

My mum is crazy over em too. LOL!


Sam said...

nice take on this... loved reading it!!!

Gonecase said...

You keep providing me the reasons to read and as long as I have time and internet, I'll keep reading :P

rantravereflect said...

i'll keep it up. thankssss soooo much for subscribing!!! :)
ya're a sweetheart- i'm touched!

awwwww.. wat did ya miss out on, n yehhhhhh dhoni's magic faded a bit- but i still love teh way he took it to the last ball!!:):)

macademia teh nut-->
awwwwwww.. woman ya soooooo rock, i just wanna squeeze a tight lil'hug all the way upto there.. mwuahhhhh :*:*

booooooohahahahahahhahahaah :*

cute, big omi-->
i've been here, i've been there n i've been everywhere over the past three dayssssss...workkkkk..
now i'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :):):)
n yehhh still limping from the loss :(

keep drooling:) geeee, soo ya made teh frappe yarself???

my mom tiooooo.. heeeee-she just bought an entire bunch for 100buckz!

thankssss a ton!!!!!

i'm soooo darn honored!! ya've floored me!

Ria said...

u sketch really well gurl!! :D Had a gud time reading this post.

vishesh said...

ok,that was a nice one,ROFL :)

Anonymous said...

hahahha... really nice!!! "protected sex talk"

Cinderella. said...

I love litchis !!!

And the date description was a !

true enough, its not just the men who think about sex all the time. Women happen to think too much over nothign, and like you said, men use it to their !!!!

Chriz said...

i cant live without litchis and i cant do without frappes.. its cream all the way.. and you are wanted at my page

Sutta said...

I need to laugh, write MORE!

Prathi:-) said...

i reallllyyy loved this post;) as usual ur double menaing self:) this one really got me;) love the way u write baby:)

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

Haha! This was FUN!! So unexpected and hilarious! lol. and i totally agree with you, tis not only the men who have sex on their minds. :d

awesome post. blogrollin you!

thanks for droppin by my blog. :D

Mama - Mia said...


thats all i can say!!

agree with ya about women have sex on their minds too!! ;)

k10 said...

this was hilarious!!!
Im going to be back for more...keep writing!

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

lol... awesome post.. the moment after the first 3 or 4 pics, I was curious to know how this ended ;)

good blog, btw.. came across from g-man's.

Metrosexual Monk said...

hah brilliant, that was!
do more of these!


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