Thursday, August 23, 2007


Ransack your restless soul
Someplace drowned in a cranny cracking your bottomless mind pit
There shudders a silent rage of a zillion rays of light
Someplace twined into a wanton thread weaving your heart’s maze
There smolders a titillating twinkle of a gazillion supernovae

All of your delirious dreams
All of your clandestine cares
All of your insane aspirations
All of your frivolous fantasies
All of your harebrained pipe dreams
They never give in till you give up
They cause the drive and drive the cause

Combat your campaign
Into the dingiest night
Combat your campaign
Into the jubilant daylight
Cruise your crusade
Before it begins
Cruise your crusade
Before it’s over
Cut to the chase
Guillotine the goose
Cut to the chase
Give birth to the golden egg
Chase your Dreams
Heave and never leave
Chase your Dreams
Let’s Achieve!

Jane Jeyakumar


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