Sunday, May 6, 2007



Politically correct
Poli/tically/ cor/rect <-------> POLLY TICKLEs CORR’s RECTum!!

If politically correct could be so incorrect, Y can’t Chris??

(My intuitive neural power, oops rectal power led to this crASS split up of the 2 words)

KISS n HUG, CROSS n ZERO xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxo

A) XOXO -usually symbolizes kisses n hugs at the end of a Letter/Love Note)

Love Note from Peter 2 Mary:
Dear Mary,
I love you with all of my heart. You’re the best……
Blah Blah……

If you love me, do meet me at Mocha (coffee place) for kisses and hugs.

Until then,

This is what you see at the end of letters and love notes: XOXO symbolizes ‘kisses and hugs’ just like ‘brb’ is ‘be right back.’

Real interpretation of Love Note as I, Chris/mocha see it:
Dear Mary,
I love you with all of my heart. You’re the best……
Blah Blah…..

If you love me, do meet me at Mocha (coffee place) for kisses and hugs.

Until then,
XOXO (UNWRITTEN WORDS- These HUGS N KISSES ARE ONLY CROSS AND ZERO that I play on paper with all girls I send this kind of letter 2. ‘The real kisses and hugs’, as mentioned above, comes through, if and only if you get to Mocha. Can’t really waste 'the real kisses and hugs' on paper!!)

B) I simply find it mandatory to be politically incorrect about the Richard Gere- Shipa Shetty kiss- as it was the kiss that inspired me to have a CUPPA with Kisses and Hugs:


LOCALE 3: April 2007.

Event: Event for HIV-AIDS awareness organized by Truckers Corporation of India Foundation and HIV-AIDS advocacy organization Heroes Project.
Purpose: To help create awareness on unsafe sexual practices amongst the truckers community.
Main People Involved: Richard Gere, Shilpa Shetty.
What happened? : Shilpa Shetty was at the receiving end from Richard Gere, who held Shilpa in a deep embrace and planted a dozen kisses on her cheeks during the event.
The problem: Major news channels called it 'vulgar' and 'against the Indian culture'.

Politically CORRECT statement made by Shilpa Shetty (in defense)
'The media should focus on AIDS-related issues rather than Richard Gere's kisses'.

Politically INCORRECT statement that should’ve been made: (My take)
‘The whole incident goes in sync with the work we’ve been doing- spreading Aids-awareness: even the kissing and hugging episode between Richard Gere and me was an appeal to public empathy for HIV patients, in tune with my film ‘Phir Milenge’: KISSING AND HUGGING DO NOT SPREAD AIDS. Gere and I were doing OUR JOB.’


The Techno Maniac said...

And Mary thinks.. "Mocha?? Peter cough up.. John asked me out and asked me to choose between Flames, Paasha and Sparks.. He is more Rich.. I d be a fool if i miss my chance with John, maybe he will take me home.. I l think about peter later.." [:D] hehe..

Chris.. toooo much.. but it was really a good one.. had a great time laughing. My god.. That was terrific. I laughed heartily after a long time. You've made it look really funny.. crazy bum..

With visualizations too.. I wish richard and Shilpa sees this.. I dont want to miss the look on their faces.. You re awefully funny panny!! i.e., pig, i m sure you de have known by now...

Too good.. keep writing Piggie.. this way is really really cool... But do go on cool with guys..

Srini said...


Now... now... now... soon I would forget the boundaries, if any, that separate the politically correct and incorrect! A good way to deconstruct held beliefs I surmise. For my own contribution... I have never believed in political correctitude. First of all I guess I do not see the point to be politically incorrect for someone who thinks he will be one unobtrusive academic... lol. Secondly, I talk straight and I find, if being politically incorrect is an art, that I am a strenuous artist... and I had rather be a mortal and face consequences.
Well there are occasions when diplomacy tempts... but I believe in keeping a straight face and mouth most of the time. It does not take anything out of the way you have portrayed the issue, but my take on subtlety is that... and just that!!!


geee thanks sathiya- geeee enjoyed doin the animations.. n yeahhh peter may be financially tarnished as compared 2 john, but kissyially n hugally a lion..[:)]

hopin 2 keep write stuff lyk this..

n srini- thanks buddy; i do understand u're more in my league- a hardcore member of the 'i dun care a fuk'clan.. hopin 2 ruffle a lot of straight laced people now[:)]

beetlejuice said...

heya panni...

i dint really knw abt the xoxo thing bein kisses n hugs...or is it somethin u started?? :) juz a bit confused thr! :-/

next issue...heard richard gere was supposedly demonstratin a scene from shall we dance...nt tat the ppl r realy gonna understand tat!hehe...seriously the more imp matter of spreadin AIDS awreness was diluted almost to nothin, thnx to tis cntroversy!

hmm...tatz it i guess!

luv ya di panni ;)


geee xoxo is generally used babee[:)] for kisses n hugs..

n yehh tat was the moveeee, which no1 here in India has the sense/the spirit to understand!! geee

Raj said...

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