Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Alright, its round about now tat I make a few teeny weenie confessions- it’s a little too late, but then again, one’s true colors got to be exposed some day- better late than never.

This is when my face goes all cute and gooey, just to help you empathize with my lying.:

So here are my trueeeee lies(If MTV can, y CAN'T I?!!):

a) Sammy, ma hubby a.k.a. ma Rocksta is not really my hubby- he’s my boyfriend, and well as far as I’m concerned, I jus thought Hubby/BF/Watever…[J]
(And my parents don’t know about him YET ;))
b) CUPPA belongs to Sammy, and HE, and not me spent astronomical money getting it up and about for us and our friends. (geeee).
I just thought, what’s his is as good as mine.
So, that’s as good as it gets. And yeah, I DID help him put CUPPA together. Right from the one-touch Capresso Impressa Z6 Coffee & Espresso Machine to the original Carol Bolton Sofa at Cuppa, I helped choose the pockets where the astronomical money finally spiralled into.

Alright I think I'm on a liar liar spree, itching to say the truth :

c) HEeee chose the Carol bolton Sofa: I jus told him I needed a plush sofa... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Alright Losers, You can gloat over all my lying, and you can revel in my confessions some more, but i betchA, its me gonna have the last laugh, because I know by now that you're dying to open your can of worms and waiting to be liberated. ;)

d) This is the real deal :P - I just asked for Coffee and Making out (:( Why does saying the truth hurt me soooo bad?????) - and he intuitively knew a one-touch Capresso Impressa Z6 Coffee & Espresso Machine machine and a Carol Bolton Sofa were the right answers to ma requests..

Gosh!!! I feel so freE, 100% truthful and completely liberated. (me flyinnnnnnnnnnnnng)

My lieMETER buzzes..

I feel more like downright nitwit with no brains to 'pick' a simple coffee machine.(who am I kidding!!)

Now, I'm lie-free. Cross ma heart!

Look out for ma next post- CROSS MA HEART!!


Anonymous said...


Nice one :)

The Techno Maniac said...
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The Techno Maniac said...
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The Techno Maniac said...
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The Techno Maniac said...

a) Poor Sammy... I want to be around when you speak to your parents about Sammy.. :)

b) Astronomical money?? like some kinda dream world?? What on earth??

c) Carol bolton Sofa.. God Jane.. where do you get such weird ideas.. they are kind of cool.. but its wierdy kind of cool..

d) Making out on coffee will be much tastier, I heard it about Ice creams and whiskeys.. Why not try a new recipe :) .. try it out.. I dont have any, but I intend to try!!!

Prathi:-) said...

hw rude sathya??????????
why nt have astronomical money? dey will soon...
i knw...
poda looose
chris baby... no offense meant to u or ur guy:-)
love u di....


geee thank u babeeee...n yeah astronomical is a very relative term- geeee.. i mean we sally have 100-200 bcks.. then a lakh or two does seem astronomical [;)]


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