Thursday, May 3, 2007


At the CUPPA (Our coffeehouse)- with FIZZA, TOBY, VODKA and ME(Mocha)

MOCHA: So girls what do you think of hugs and kisses?
TOBY: The first thing that comes to mind when you talk of kisses are obviously those little, ymmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy, delicious, mouth-watering, tongue tickling Hershey’s Kisses Chocolates. Every little bite-sized chocolate is like a rung in the ladder to heaven. (And she looks so dazed)

VODKA: For a minuter, you got me there. I really thought we were finally getting to see the real, romantic side inside you, accompanied by a detailed explanation of delicate little kisses. Alas! Anyways, I absolutely adore Hershey’s Kisses, but those wouldn’t be the first on my mind when I think of ‘hugs and kisses’. Hugs and kisses could only epitomize the feelings associated with the one man I truly love. …
FIZZA: And that is?????
VODKA: Ma dad ofcourse. No man or even woman for that matter has made me want to feel like kissing or hugging. Ofcourse, do read into what I just said. No man has, that is, up till now. However, I’m not saying that I would really mind if there is that someone who could stand on par with, if not top Dad.[;)]

FIZZA: Aww… Do you need a hug now? I think you deserve one(very characteristic of Fizza, who loves hugging people at the slightest hint of a chance).
VODKA: Hmm, Sure- but not before you tell us what hugs and kisses bring to your mind. (Vodka has strong escapist tendencies).
FIZZA: Hugs and kisses are absolutely essential physical expressions of love. Holding hands, small pecks and hugs are important contributors to a good relationship. So I think of ma best friends, most recent crushes [;)], mom and dad when I think of hugs and kisses. So Mocha, you the only one left. (Fizza goes hugs Vodka to substantiate her point by going over and hugging a slightly reluctant Vodka)

MOCHA: Am I the only one who thinks hugs and kisses are the best means of foreplay?
TOBY/VODKA/FIZZA: YES!!! (Everyone rolling eyes)
VODKA: Hugs n Kisses would also probably call to mind major scandalizing kisses made public- like the Shilpa Shetty- Richard Gere lip lock and the infamous Mika-Rakhi kiss that totally grossed us out.
TOBY: Yeah, the Shahid-Kareena mms and from a local standpoint, the Nayantara-Simbu kisses as well. Do you notice a disturbing trend there??
MOCHA: Absolutely wonderful PR that literally licks the stinking floor to garner great, yet pathetically cheap publicity.
FIZZA: That’s the big, bad, banging media in your face people! …..

Toby, Vodka n Fizza leave after a while, not before exchanging banal gossip and Huge HUGS!

I think to myself: Hugs and kisses evoke mixed feelings in most people. Whilst most of us love to luxuriate in hugging and kissing among near and dear ones, I wonder how many people are actually comfortable about themselves or others doing the same publicly.

No matter how broad-minded our mind spaces get, or how many ‘sex and the city’ sitcoms we savagely indulge in- when we have either a lesbian couple cooing in a nearby diwan at ‘Mocha’(a popular Chennai hangout) or a gorgeous couple hugging/pawing/petting each other to glory, squirming in our seats is a slam dunk!

These coupling sights not only lead us to ‘making big eyes’ at each other, but also provide for perfect gossip-fodder to friends, friends of friends and to the world at large.

In reality, are we intimated by the openness and sheer indifference of these extremely open people? Do we talk about a Shilpa Shetty-Richard Gere kiss or about that gorgeous couple eating out of each other’s hands (literally) because it is such a hyped up thing, a thing that family/society bars us from doing, a thing we CAN NEVER do?

Are there any double standards involved here? In truth, while we graciously and extravagantly scorn at public displays of affection/ scandalizing actions involving celebrities, do we need all that adrenaline pumping hype to save us from our droning, mundane lives? Is the media feeding us those extravagant doses of the Ash-Abhi wedding because we’re ‘loving it’? Ofcourse!
Movies, Entertainment Channels, Magazines all echo the same thought. The masala is the perfect accomplice for those rising TRP’s and sky rocketing sales. How else would a Deccan Chronicle hold a candle to the revered, seasoned news daily like ‘The Hindu’, and sell like hot cakes simultaneously. Are the Mirchi Masala entertainment mills scoring brownie points with the mass at large, in spite of spewing controversies alongside?
Ultimately, everyone is making hay while the sun shines-the media is like Jack who mounted the mercurial TRP’s and circulation beanstalk, the celebrities and ‘reality show heroes’ are gorging on the tremendous publicity, and we aren’t even a few inches behind. We keep the rumor mills abuzz and bask in all the hype. We are probably what keep all the hugging and kissing flying high.

So, let us keep those gossip mills spinning enough silk for a million kancheepuram saris! Each of us is an indomitable stockholder of a million dollar ‘lip smacking’ industry. Let us play the blame game, mollycoddle the hype and marry into the vicious circle- for we can not but help being a part of the ‘vicious circle’.

Every hug we exchange forms a circle. We kiss with rounded, pursed lips. Hence, living in vicious circles
would not be bad after all.


Prathi:-) said...

hey babes.. finally im keeping track of ur blog.... and.. toby talking abt kisses.. hehehe well dts our out of the bix thinking babe:-)
nwz my personal opinion of hugs n kisses?
hmm u were rgt.. i hug a person when i thnk they need one.. when i say hi.. when i say bye...
well the reason why is if the person is sm1 like u... chris baby.. i swear ur such a delight to hug... like a cute teddy bear:-)

but mostly i believe whther its kisses or hugs... or even sex for that matter.. is just a way to show the person that u love them... i wud nvr in a million yrs hug a stranger...
so for me hugs kisses and sex are all part of love making:-)
(im sure ur gaping like a fish on the shore hearing me talk of all that.. but babe.. evrybdy has to grow up smtime!!!!!!)
love ya babes... cool style of writing babes:-)
way to go!!!!

Prathi:-) said...
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Prathi:-) said...

by the way when i talk of love making n all i mean wth the opposite sex...
with our gender.. girls.. its jus to show i care for you.. and im der for u when u neeed me... a reassurance in a small way...

Srini said...

"Every hug we exchange forms a circle. We kiss with rounded, pursed lips. Hence, living in vicious circles would not be bad after all."


Ha ha ha... lol. You could say I am a little conservative in that sense as it might vae seemed during my discussion on decorum a la "what one feels comfortable with in his and others' behaviour!"

However, I have had my own (empty) hugs and (flying) kisses at school and I must tell you that they lacked emotion, empathy or anything... lol, for they were just fallouts of big occasions (mine happened during the school farewell when everyone shed at least a drop of tear and my eyes were like Chennai in May... lol).

So, the verdict, yes, physical expression love is significant but to what extent is a personal query!

charlie said...

Hmmm... different than the other things u've written cos i can understand it a lot better.. not to say that u've come down one level but there was more of the message expressed rather than ur grammar and exquisite words!! certainly makes people like me to follow ur penning ;)

The last two lines are exceptionally good :)

a nice write up!!

Kris said...

Woooooooooweeeeeeee!!...This shit is Hot gurl!!!...U ghettofyed!!...U got a thing words dude...Kudos 2 u!!..tho it took me a while ti really understand wats it all abt...but i did..dint i?
Gurl...start a local bugle r sumthin..cos ur future is ur writin chica!!...u got loads of takent n a brain to cope up wit da over loadin!! kill it will ya...put da pen to da groove n ur brain to da move!!..all in all its one kickass...ghetto defining shit u got here!!...Bravo!!!

beetlejuice said...

oh u lil panni..u so cleverly manam vangified me...hehehe...but itz soooo juz the kind not to discuss it in public...hehe....(tho i hv very reluctantly done so wit u..hehe..)

as i said earlier, ppl write a lot abt these 'hugs-kisses' juz to write abt somethin...n since rite most ppl lack xcitement in personal life, someone else's seems talk abt, to rip apart n to bitch abt! hehe...

itz kind of in-built i think...when i c 2 ppl cuddlin...newhr [lik in our bus as well ;)] i feel...whoa!go somwhr private man! it juz pops in whthr i wanna think it or 'society' doesnt accept public displays of affection..n its so often reiterated tat it juz automatically becomes mind set..esp when itz happenin in someone else's life n not ur own! ;)

im sure the richard gere issue wudnt hv even created a flutter newhr else but in india...cuz thr..PRIVATE displays of affection r more cynically viewed than public...hehe...

as alwayz..lemme sign off...luv ya di panni!

beetlejuice said...

juz forgot to mention somethin....

namba fizza ve sex pathi discuss panarche, god knows watz gonna happen tom!!!hehehe!

The Techno Maniac said...

Hey Chris,

I wrote a long comment.. Internet connection betrayed me.. All Lost.. Damn..

Here I go again...

1. Fizza is growin faster than expected..

2. Hugs and Kisses are of three types. This is a more theoritical view I possess as I have had no experience of practicality, may be also due to grizzly me.. So you shud accept my theoritical views..

a. Inimate (Leading to foreplay)

b. Emotional Security (Just to relieve you of tensions. You d be so happy, when you come back from a bad day at office, you get a hug from your friend, immediately all your tension evaporates.. Just try out.. Thats one kind) The worst thing people still see is guy to guy hugging. People say its cute when two girls hug each other. When a hug happens between two guys, Eyebrows are raised and a discussion follows doubting the nature of guys.. Damn!!

c. Social (The worst of the kind.. Wherein if one's a celebrity, they make it to front covers of magazines, if not a celebrity, you still find them in newspapers review about the new trends and wrong culture of the youth.. Thats when I agtree to Vodka 's law of privacy. Which again is very less.. poor souls..

There are certain other who qualify people on the nature of status.. and some more, who requires a large personal space..

The best part is cuddling up to the one who is your life partner.. Beats all the rest.. So get cuddling..

Lastly.. Glad to note that both Sam and me have same opinions on your official blogs.. I like tese ones more.. So does he..



thank u sooo musch 4 ur comments[:D] EVERYBOBY..[:)]
2 PRATI: im not gapin like dry fish on the shores- more like neil armstrong2 who discoverd MARZ.. cos every day, i make a newwwwwwwwwwwwww discovery abt u.. i thot hugs n kisses were high on the scale of controversial topics!!! sex whoa!!! il get bk babe, with sumthyn on tat a lil'laterz[:)]


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