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1) How are we here today?? Procreation and making babies over the centuries would be the appropriate answer to that. However, a greater proportion of two people (or more ;)) do not jump the gun and jump into bed without the initial hugging and kissing.
2) So most babies are born as a progressive assimilation of all those hugs and kisses.
3)Conversely, do hugs and kisses between people of the opposite sexes ultimately lead to the bed/ babies.

So my first real post:
Hugs n kisses!

Rocksta just exited CUPPA for his guitar lessons. He also leaves me deep-seated in the Carol Bolton Sofa and my funny, fuzzy thoughts, after our ‘Over a cuppa coffee’ conversation about the steamy Richard Gere-Shilpa Shetty kiss/hug.



Lets talk about it at various locales, with contributions from various people.

LOCALE 1: April 2007-

Event: Parachute jump, Normandy, France.
Purpose: Fund-raising for the victims of the devastating earthquake that struck Pakistan in October 2005.
Main People involved: Ms. Nilofer Bakhtiar, Pakistan’s Tourism Minister & Frenchman-Plane pilot.
Problem posed: Ms. Nilofer after the jump hugged her French plane pilot, pictures of the ‘hug’/ ‘pat’ were splashed across Pakistani newspapers thereby, and the Islamic clerics at Islamabad's Red Mosque were enraged and issued a Fatwa against hugs and Nilofer Bakhtiar, along with an edict, asking her to be dismissed from her post.

This is what she said:
Abt parajumping:
“I did it for a good cause. I did not have any practice of parajumping. I thought it was brave on my part. In fact I am very proud of what I did, and if given the chance would do it again.”
Abt the hug:
‘It was just a pat -because he (FRENCH plane pilot) felt so proud of me, I felt very happy also because it was affectionate and very encouraging."

My rendition of the interpretation of the above Para by the die hard clerics:
WAT SHE SAID: "I did it for a good cause"
WAT THEY UNDERSTOOD:"She did it for a great cause- for spitting on Pakistani morals/religious sentiments. "

WAT SHE SAID:"I did not have any practice of parajumping."
WAT THEY UNDERTOOD:“She did not have any practice of jumping- only leaping into white skinned stranger’s embraces.”

WAT SHE SAID: ''I thought it was brave on my part.''
WAT THEY UNDERSTOOD:“She thought it was very brave on her part- very well, we hope she would be even braver when slapped with an edict(legal command), requiring her to be dismissed from her position as minister.”

WAT SHE SAID: "In fact I am very proud of what I did, and if given the chance would do it again.”
WAT THEY UNDERSTOOD:“Infact, she is so proud after having done the ‘parajumping fallthat she totally reverses the famous sayingpride comes before the fall.”
(hahaha- gud 1 ryte;))

WAT SHE SAID: "It was just a pat.''
WAT THEY UNDERSTOOD: “It was just a pat eh??? Well we have a brain-teaser for you: What’s the hairline difference between a pat and a hug???? The answer- Nilofer Bakhtiar ofcourse. On second thoughts, that’s a huge difference, she’s quite a big woman.”

WAT SHE SAID: ''I felt very happy also because it was affectionate and very encouraging."
WAT THEY UNDERSTOOD: “Finally we know how very happy she really must have felt after all the ‘affection’ that was showered upon her. And what an encouragement to the nation- every time u want to help earthquake victims, all you have 2 do is fall into a French Pilot’s arms(oops sorry, fall from his plane, from near his COCKPIT) and give him a BIGGGG HUGGG after(oops PAT).”

So that was locale 1- how Hugging in hugged in Pakistan. Locale 2 will kiss you soon.
Do comment on my take on what the Islamic clerics read into Nilofer’s lines!!!


Srini said...


Ha ha ha... read the entire blog as it does not have those many posts yet... And hey, first of all: thanks for making me laugh on a boring Friday evening and laughter being in paucity these days - comparable with water in Chennai - it is a compliment.

That was however stage 1. For, I do realise - whether you intend it or not... lol - that behind the rather light-hearted coterie-like portrayal of hugs and kisses (and perhaps even coffee(houses), the last at least for me) is a subtext that is far more serious... like stated in your disclaimer after the introduction to your characters or in the
"interpretive" strands given to a single incident in your latest post.
Your posts are plain, far too plain, and perhaps that is JANE! I have got no problems with that; at times one needs to stand up and be explicit against the run of the tide as it were.
Now... my own contribution to the present coffeetable issue - specifically to the last post and largely in general - is as follows:

1) Petulant moralising is something I have always been against with due respect to nations, which create "edicts" on the pretext of morality.

2) "Public displays of affection" are highly subjective; to be very very plain, for some shakehands - for more than a length of time, Brit-style - may seem suspect for others even a schmooch is okay. I mean there is no point in setting a norm: that would only to lead to contravening the norm as we well know.

3) That does not mean that there is nothing called decorum. As people of a global world we need - at least we so-called educated people, who are the ones to stretch boundaries for much of the time - to look in and ask: what kind of behaviour do "I" not flinch when I have a couple around me? So, when I am with my girl friend (hypoethetical... he he he!) can I stay within the limits I set for others? If we do that, we will find that most of us accept some things as "awkward" and some things as "chalta hai..." Again, laws cannot assure that. I have always believed that temptations contribute more towards disciplining than "thadai..."
4)Lastly, whether it be the case of Gere-Shetty or the Minister-Pilot, we should not be so jobless to actually look deeper into it! I mean there are several things, which importune more urgent attention - at a social or even personal level. Basically I believe that in the case of celebrity behaviour, or behaviour of the elite bourgeoisie - recall the Kareena-Shahid incident or the Hotel in Chennai where couples were seen kissing - it is more about what the media has to say than anything else. To buy it or not, or to completely stay out, is anyone's choice.

On the whole good, thought-provoking coffeetable is this... though you may be wondering why you created it as you are forced to ecnounter such long, winding lectures... lol



WOWWWWWWWWW.. WELLL,,, thanku 4 havin read the whole thing n commented.. yeahhhh u absolutely ryte.. me totally against such upheavals 2.. but i'm presentyn the lighter syde of it all[:)]

so have fun readin, n keep contributyn..[:D]

beetlejuice said...

hey baby...

well im sure i knw a lot of cases of unnecessary misinterpretation of actions when it comes to my persnal life itself...sometims, ppl write stuff to write stuff...u know, like page 3 stuff..?? itz their job, they've gotta write do..

itz upto sane (?) ppl lik us to kinda tke juz the rite stuff n ignore the other...

im kinda blabberin here...a HUGE MEATY dinner at sparkyz does tis man!

luv ya di panni :)

Prathi:-) said...

real gud humour... loved it... i dnt knw.. but i jus thnk its their own life body hands.. a pat or a hug... does it realy matter?
hmm sm ppl jus hav their way or freaking out at almst evry thng...
gud one di...
keep it up....
love ya...
by the way cant wait to cu.. am missing u a lot babes... lets meet up smtime ok?

The Techno Maniac said...

Hey Chris,

This nation we re talking about supposedly permits polygamy.. And a public display of affection costs her a job?? I guess they could not cut anything from her, so she must thank her stars. Had it been for a guy, I m sure you know his fate.. I still think, when one makes you experience such a feeling of excitedness.. Its not wrong.. Will they ever understand?? Not a chance!

I m impressed with this format of writin. Minutes back i suggested something like this.. only to see you ve implemented them.. Great going!!


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