Friday, October 1, 2010

My Psychedelic Troll.

Some days, I got a story to tell
Other days, I got radio spots to sell

The bottom line is that, over a period of time, I've developed a dangerous itch
Nah, not to earn pot loads of cash and get rich

I want to release that reckless, restless ghoul locked inside my soul
gnawing at my guts and rattling against my ribs- she's my psychedelic troll

'Oh, I know you won't get out once and for all, you conniving mistress of muck
So, I'll let you go on one rampage a day. You will no longer be a sitting duck'

'A drop of blood
 A pound of flesh
 A bout of laughter
 A smattering of sex
 A piece of  ME
 A blogpost a day gets ma psychedelic troll on a roll'


Prathi:-) said...

High time babe!!!! trust me... high time!!!! u have this creative spark thats needs a desperate vent!!! you are smartest with words.. and that ghoul inside you craves for an outlet!!! Go janey!!! cant wait to see u back in action!!!!

glad to leave the first comment!!!!:) all the very best:)))

rantravereflect/ jane said...

@prathi--> thanks for de support dee, it feels awesome to be bak :D MWUAHHH, n thanks for always being there:D n yessss, plz start writin soon!!!


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