Friday, May 16, 2008

Double MENace:

“Two eyes. Two lips. Two hands. Two legs. Why not two men?” Rita screamed at Polly in exasperation.

“One nose. One tongue. One navel. One life. One love. Looking at it from the other bank of the river, you have ten fingers; can you, by your cockeyed sense of reasoning, have ten men!?
You got to choose babe, and you got to do it FAST.”

Rita crinkled her nose and smiled for no apparent reason, “I want them both and I will have them both.” Polly threw up her hands in frustration and said, ‘I only wish.’

Tony and Ashoka- Fire and ice, Ice and Fire, interchangeable as usual. The two men in her life. She couldn’t live without either of them, and she couldn’t obviously live with both of them.

She knew Tony from when she was a little baby. He’d held her right after she was born. He’d been her ‘jatti’ buddy. She respected, feared and loved him in equitable, humongous proportions. He cared for her like he cared for no-one else. He’d helped her become her, like a potter shaping his favorite clay pot. The two of them shared a mirrored passion for life, and were alike in one unique aspect- they always stood out from the crowd. Invariably, she felt ‘at home’ with Tony. One evening, while he was rolling the rosary beads during his evening walk, she called him while in the midst of some baseless depression. He said in a comforting, yet steadfast tone, “You’re my baby. I would never let harm come your way.” The intensity intimidated even her.

She knew Ashoka for over a year now. She’d met him at her first job, and the lightening had struck heavy even before the dark clouds of passion gathered. They caught on to each other like wildfire let loose in an otherwise friendly forest. No science- neither chemistry nor biology could demystify their raging animal intensity for each other. Surprisingly, the passion did not turn out to be a queer, wet blanket with time. The tardy drops of rain after all the initial thunder and lightning were unexpectedly soft and tender indeed. It trickled down their bodies, uniting love and lust in a lasting embrace. One evening, as Ashoka's magician-tongue wagged its magic wand on her more-than-yielding rabbits, he whispered “You’re my queen. Let’s go conquer the world.” The excitement was too much, even for her.

She couldn’t say they were both like an eye each, mainly because both her eyes had different eye-powers (-3 and -3.5). However, Tony and Ashoka had so much in common that even her differently-powered eyes without glasses/lens saw the same thing and felt the same darn thing when she saw them.

Tony and Ashoka were both Taurians: obstinate and opinionated, fearless and kind, ambitious and generous. The two men were as well-built and purposeful as strong bulls on the chase. Broad shoulders with muscular thighs, the two of them drove her nuts about them. Sensual and strongly attractive, they were hard-pressingly loveable. They were distinct go-getters. They made her want to piggy-back their power-luring and green-minting adventures.

They both had eyes that laughed when their lips did. Both their lips’ loved the feel of Gold Flake Kings against their pursed, cupid shaped lips. They loved to smoke, and her femininity found it so appealingly macho and masculine that at times, she’d just sit beside either of her Kings, and passive-smoke a cigarette or two- flakey, but golden. It really cleared her head, even though she had no penchant for smoking .They rarely let their faces smile, but when they did, they revealed the perfect set of ciggie-tinged teeth. To her, their faces were the most potent and the most memorized in her brain cells.

They were the only two men who could use the whip and quip to restrict and release her. She was on their leash and yet, her spirit stood unleashed.

It was impossible to decide between them, as everyone around her was prodding her to. She was caught between the devil and the dark blue sea, with religion and her acting as the prodding Moses' staff.

That is when she hatched her plan of having them both. The number TWO was ingrained in her persona- she was Gemini by birth. She needed to have them both, and love them both, to her advantage. It was a tightrope effort- she introduced them to each other over a casual lunch, as if by total chance. They took to each other in a big way. She didn’t expect that. Soon, they were laughing over a peg of Jack Daniels….

Taurians are obstinate and opinionated- lucky for her; they were both obstinate in and opinionated about one thing- her happiness. Rita, Tony and Ashoka finally made their decision.

The priest said with a pleasing finality, ‘You may now kiss the bride.’
Ashoka and Rita came together for eternity. The rain drops were falling outside the church. A colorful rainbow spread a happy smile across the sky.

Rita turned to Tony. Tears streaked his dimpled cheeks. He looked at her in stunned silence, “I’m losing my baby girl, but I’m losing her to a better man (smiles proudly).”

She kissed Tony on the cheek and said, ‘Father, Thank You’


Gonecase said...

You got me with the ending, very well written :)

rantravereflect said...

wow :)
i jus posted it!!:)
thanks a ton man :)

Chriz said...

haha... you write like a psycho-lingo... neatly presented.. somewhere in the beginning when you introduced tony, You mentioned a name"thomas".. who was he?

rantravereflect said...

haaaa :)
teh name thomas crept in by mistakee.. heee :)
sorry! got tat wrong there..

black coffee said...

i kinda knew that Tony was the dad from the beiginning!.. Maybe my mind is screwed/trained to think like that!

but i liked the way you wrote the story.. its really expressive! :)


Going gr8 guns.very well written.

Anonymous said...

Normally in stories, people are stumped by the ending and hence they give all the credit to the ending itself.Somehow, I think your plot has been strongly built all the way through.Of course ending was something that gave the finishing touches but I would say- the whole plot has been built with clinical precision

Enigma said...

I liked it :)

Vrij said...

Very well written.. tres cool!

The Techno Maniac said...

I got it right.. these days my dear swthrt.. i can predict u with ya blogs.. it was the taurians that gave you away.. lets hope we see the same situation some time soon.. ;)

we should.. ryte?? lets see.. i like the way you put things.. its really a fantasy land..

what i realll want to know is.. i will call ya and tell!!!

Ever Yours,

Sachin said...

Gosh !!! heck of story man......... :)
I wont say that i had guessed it in the beginning who was who, but was confident that it wont be a triangular love story like stuff...... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Loved the title most of all...:-) Well written, the thoughts as they develop and culminate into a climax are phenomenal. I guess a book's on the way?

My name is not relevant and I am the Angry Indian

nefariousoutlook said...

hey nice story!! the ending was a nice twist :)

keep posting !!

SLOGGER said...

Smoking on a public post....Anbumani is going to track you down for sure...

Chriz said...

different eye-powers (-3 and -3.5).

haha liked this part

AaYuShI said...

Hi Mocha,

Firstly..thanks a TON for paying a visit to my blog and giving sucha sweet comment :)

And you know what?
This story was a neat piece.
I loved it :)

hope to see more of you


rantravereflect said...

black coffee-->
you're right- even my mind is a lil' screwed;)- trained- i think at 24, i feel like an old aunt who knows wat life is!

thanks a ton!

thanks for appreciating that- i work backwards, n i believe the plot's gotta build into the finale:)


merci beaucoup!

i knew ya'll know what it's about :)
call me 2 ask me wat ya wanna ask!

off context, but loved ya perspectives on the IPL

rantravereflect said...

angry indian-
I'd love fro a book to be on the way- glad ya liked teh tiltle- two men- had to work around tat :)

will keep posting :)

passive smoking - anbumani can;t get his hands on me man..

yeh different eye powers :) can;t see a thing without my lens ;)

ya're a realll cute woman :)(i'm not calling ya a girl)

PREETI said...

Nice nice...i knew all the way...we r after all twin souls rite??? :)

im wishin n hopin n prayin for this endin to happen in ur life... :) n i knw it will :)

luv ya alwayz panni! :)

rantravereflect said...

yeahh , TWIN SOULS we are i know we're twin souls, n thanks dee, i realy need ya prayerz, as much as ya need mine :):):)

gunj said...

awesome ending thr :)

v gripping story!

--xh-- said...

kidn of guessed the end, but was fun reading it... nice narration style... :) like it muchos...

Mystery said...

hey good one ur narration..:)

Macadamia The Nut said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Macadamia The Nut said...

LOL! Oh my GOD! I never suspected for a MINUTE even though I've read ones with a similar twist before. Seriously! The way it spun out was brilliant!!

crasiezt said...

Ha! I guessed it after a few lines..wooohhooo I feel like a genius:P
But well written:-)

Shruti said...

aww.. such a sweet story ..
well written!!
Oh I so loved it :D

Absconding said...

At the end...she did have them both eh! Haha..I wonder how realistic that is. Then again..that's why I liked your story! :D How was she and Asokha together for eternity?? Guess you can say that they're expected to be...not that they will be, eh! :D You did a good job! :D

vishesh said...

that was nice...i suspected some kinda mama stuff but not dad :)

rantravereflect said...

Thanks, I'm glad i had you gripped:) lurvvvvvved ya hit n run story too!

thank yo muchos :);)

thankkk ya :)

mac the nut-->
I'm soooo darn glad you didn't guess :):) ya made my day babeeee :)ya're blessed with an open-ended mind, n tat worked to me favor here :)

rantravereflect said...

you're sooo crazy, :) n sooo am i,
we're the geniuses gal!!

oh, i sooo loved ya comment :)

i hope they do get together :), cos i'll tell ya lil' secret: rita is me, n i hope i doo get together with my boyo.. n eternity os : a big question, though, we'd like to believe a lifetime is eternity :)

heee heeee, mamaz will be there in my next strory- hee hee

Prathi:-) said...

i kinda guessed the ending from the start itself... sm nice talk abt gemini... imp men:) hmmm evn im gemini remember???? but ya.... my guy n dad are bth diff sunsigns...
but hmmm u knw wht? all the very best.. june's pretty near... but i m sure it'll all work out fine:)
well wirtten babes:)
wht i really like abt ur posts is that... dey are sooo different...
its like... ur imagination is damnnn gud:)

rantravereflect said...

Thank You sooooooo darn much, we're the 2 gemini, who rock the world babe!!!
:)thanks for being there, and lezz hope n prasy things go grt for ya n 4 me :)
imagination- babe- we gemini are blessed with it!!
now are we blowing our trumpets tooo hard?

Divkiran said...

hey u really took me by surprise in the end
Totally loved it...
Looks like u read a lot of astrology n stuff... do you?

Waise Idea of really havin 2 men is not tht bad...LOL... men do it all the time ;-P

Jokes apart, once again very well written, great work... and the best part, even better than the ending is the title...clap clap clap :D

Winds of Change said...


dat wuz put in a very nice way!!!!!....way ta go babe....the emotions are potrayed really well.....cute!!!!

lotsa luv

Pri said...

whoaa!! the perfect happy ending and yet, u leave us open mouthed :)

AaYuShI said...


I came back here to check out yr blog..

but no new stuff awaited me :(

and comments on calling me a "lady"..:D


(do check out the new post on my blog soon!)

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Liked the way you wrote it! :)

*~*Sameera*~* said...

That was so sweet! :)

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