Wednesday, March 19, 2008

MAD MAD MADras! Cosmo Chennai!

Hi everybody!
I’ve been thinking of chipping in ‘MAD MAD MADras! Cosmo Chennai’ as a regular feature in my blog for a very long time now.
There are two things that led me here:
a) I’m a HP saleswoman (enjoying all the selling, at least for nowJ) who’s pretty much ON THE MOVE. I get to ramp up and down the noisy, colorful and namma-ooru streets, gulleys and wide roads of Chennai today, and Madras yesterday. Before I move out of sales, into the ‘creative’ job I’ve always wanted to engage myself in, I thought I could see Chennai just a little more.
b) My heart beats with this city’s pulse- it is so balanced that you feel like you’re living on both sides of the cultural see-saw. It’s a Nalli Pattu Sari for a wedding, a Shopper’s odaya Kurta for work and a Cotton world ka breezy top/skirt for an evening/night out.

So, I’m right here living every moment like it were my first and last. I would just like to share my pulsating/plummeting experiences on one side, as I engage in ravenous razzle dazzle with Dell, Lenovo, IBM, HCL, Acer, etc on the other.

I have my best friends, a boyfriend, a moderately conservative/outgoing family, Stella Marian/Loyolite n the ilk buxom/hulk bozos, Maru/kannadica/guju/Bengali immigrant-vasis, Lady Andal/PSBB ki(a)d(ult)s, oldeez, phirangs (not necessarily in that order though) for company- they breathe this city along with me, day-in day-out. I religiously hope and sincerely pray you’re having a field day, every day- whichever city you are in, as long as you drop in here for a few minutes and L.I.V.E. my life for that span of time.
You could call it a ‘TELEPORT’ ritual, wherein you transport yourself here, and live this city, and my life through my eyes, ears, hands and legs!

Life is too short a word to describe the vast permutations and combinations of possibilities that it throws in our face!
Chennai is too interesting a place for you to miss this particular permutation and combination code that unlocks this city open to you!
Love and Cheers!
Disclaimer- I’m not J.Jayalalitha, I’m Jane Jeyakumar; the difference- she tries to own Chennai and Chennai owns me, she throws her weight around in/with the aid of AIADMK and I throw my weight (quite literally;)) around with a different AIADMK- ALL IN ALL DUBUKKU MOKKAI K(G)ROOPU.

P.S: Meet my k(g)roopu and have fun all the way!!!


PREETI said...

dnt think there'd ever b a better way to explain our group than the AIADMK! superrrr! ;) dubuku n mokkai...hit the nail on the spot baby ;)

all about chennai huh? nice...i guess we share the same passion for the city cuz we pretty much luk at it thru the same rose tinted glasses, uhhh,lens! ;) hehe...

keep it comin...wud luv to hear abt my Cooum,oops, Chennai city!

luv, LuV, LUV!!!

Winds of Change said...
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Winds of Change said...


hey christina!

dat wuz reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy p3 said....super name for our group...and yeah...v r all very lucky to stay in chennai...nice city apart frm the crazy auto guyz n crap.....

lotsa luv
Katchi member


rantravereflect said...

PEETO, haaaa.. yeh our kroopu roks babeeee :) totalee..coovam chennai- yeah babeeee- n we still love che- tatz us- fuk zoze who dun get to see the real city..

yehh ruby, crazy auto guys- will have a post on hem as well, sumtime..

The Techno Maniac said...


That was tooo good.. i love the AIADMK explanation.. and obviuosly your also mokkai... heh heh./. i really liked it! Its differnt from the pervy janey we know.. you know??

ANd yeah.. chennai.. east or west.. chennai is the best.. i d do anything to get back there.. i realize my train is to leave to chennai in another hour and a half!

Chennai always had its mix of fashion eh? the bestest.. from madisar mami, to bikini babee.. chennai rocks!!!

You Know Who!

The Techno Maniac said...

and i just realised that u r the founder and general secretary of ur AIADMK.. buhahahahahahahahaha


geeeee :) yehhh madisar maamins to bikini babez- satti where did ya see ya bikini babes?? :)

and yehhh
AIADMK- tatz teh best way to desribe us.. :)

Chriz said...

i just read all your posts.. nutty one indeed.. keep up the gud work..

Dianne said...

Good for people to know.


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