Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Sammy (a fictitious name/character for ma blog, my hubby) and I (Chris) spent days wracking the creativity, contemporaneity, antiquity, idealism within us, and astronomical money [;)] ( for our standards) to set up this, our Utopia- our very own coffeehouse at home.

Here’s a virtual tour of the coffee house

I love entering CUPPA. I get deliriously happy when I push past the revolving doors, because, ironic as it may sound, all the revolving sets my dizzying head straight. It’s probably how fussy children become so unbelievably enraptured after a spin on the wooden giant-wheel.

The aroma of coffee wraps itself around an equally disarming aroma of freshly baked cookies, and they twirl themselves like cupid’s arrow aimed at my nostrils. My heart gives a smile, the two ends of which tug at the corners of my mouth. I’m well on the way to a bright smile. Sammy waves at me with a wink, suggestive of a great day at work. “A cappuccino on the house, Ma’am?” he cheerfully hollos, simultaneously chuckling. I go behind the counter, lean towards Sam and get lost in a huge ‘welcome home’embrace. We move together towards the one-touch Capresso Impressa Z6 Coffee & Espresso Machine. He picks his latte and I, my Cappuccino.

Then, we plop ourselves in the extremely plush heirloom quality sofa, an original Carol Bolton. Rich colours of deep red, gold and black do more than jilt both our minds out of a mundane reverie, and into ‘over a cuppa coffee’ conversation- ‘Kisses and Hugs’.

Do not get me wrong! The kisses and hugs conversation revolved around the latest scandal shocking the snake-charmed Indian fundamentalists- the Richard Gere- Shilpa Shetty steamy hug n kiss. Well, that is definitely steamier than ma cappuccino. I would be steaming it a notch higher in my next post.

For now, Sammy is leaving in order to impart his guitar gyaan to his students. A small peck on the cheek and a huge bear hug later, he makes his exit, but not before playing ‘Touch me, Don’t touch me’ from Dhoom2.

I love the simplicity entangled in this evening rendezvous with coffee, music in the background and an occasional guest/visitor. Then again, I laugh at myself. Can simplicity ever be entangled? There goes simplicity out of the man-size glass window to my right. [sigh!!]

This blog would endorse steaming coffee musings, conversation and controversies; plain-Jane ranting. raving, reflecting and reviewing( Jane's my other name by the way;)).

So, Chris with me. Do the Cuppa!


beetlejuice said... not too sure what i'm supposed to do next...but,well, nice one...guess il wait for more to knw wat its about :) luv ya alwayz panni! ;)

charlie said...

well well.. hmmm... i can seriously smell coffee now.. Oops!! Oh!! i had split coffee on my shirt in office and thats givin a stinky odour now.. hee hee.. sooo... well.. thank you so much for adding me in ur cute little "Cuppa".. thanx babes :) real cute

Winds of Change said...


nice! nice!

oh btw....thnx 4 includin mee! ;)

The Techno Maniac said...
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The Techno Maniac said...

Hey Chris,

1. Nice Couch!!
2. A novel Idea, your new blog..
3. I d just ask you to add one regular feature as you re a celebrity and have cool friends around.. WHy dont you try to have a session like Coffee with Chris??.. Two people discusion? I m sure your Cuppa Regulars will make a great start.. I m sure your readers will like it.. Say hi to Sam!!
4. And nice to note that you've chosen simpler vocabulary. I firmly believe that the more simpler the vocab, the better the reader understands..



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