Sunday, June 29, 2008


YEAH! MY BIRTHDAY was up last week. I just want this post to be a dedication to all the people who ROCK my day-to-day life. I also want to thank all of you, for having surprised me TWICE and having celebrated my birthday THREE days in a row. I want to let the world know that I LOVE ALLLL OF YOU soooooo much. MWUAHHHHH & HUGSSSSSSSS.. :)

My parents have brought me here and made me all that I'm.
This year, they treated all my closest friends at L4 on my behalf.(Cit Centre's Rooftop)Thank you MA, PA, PATI N JEFF.- You're the best family on the planet. Mwuaaaaaah :)

The six people who have been a big part of my life for the past two years..You guys mean the world to ME: absofuckulutingly the besttttt..

You surprised me twice on my budday, and I was on top of the world..
This is what the sexcee six gave me, in addition to the Surprise Black Forest Cake at the airport and the buffet/cake at Sigree.

& I WEAR THE BAG LIKE EVERYDAY: :):):) thankyaaaaaaa.. (though you can't see the bag)

Two guys who have been with me through thick and thin. They've beem friends all their lives and I know them for six years now.
You guys have been there when I need a shoulder the most! Thank-You! mwuahh :)This is what Rajiv and Sikki gave me:
(in addition to the shooters Rajiv paid for, at my Airport surprise.. It was supposed to be my treat to all of them, but my card didn't work ;);) Rajiv, 'M inDEBTed to to you.. ;))
Rajiv, Thanks for giving yourself to me on my Birthday ;);) (urggg, how I hate to admit this is what you call me: yaana kutty(translation :elepahant baby!)
Sooooo darnnnn googly-woogly cute

Two of my beshttt buds: the two macho men in my life..
I love their sense of humor:they are such tube-lights that this is what they decided to get me on my budday: a glow-in-the-dark lamp.. :)
I love the way the small, silver- square confetti moves inside the lamp, it's like how you guys are to me, always in my blood.. (sounded corny eh?)

Minsi-->Another mother to me. Love you to insy-winsi-minsi bitz :):)

Joe--> Great buddy and companion.

Ofcourse, this used to be a huge gang back in college: those were definitely 'the best years of my life': Aditya, Dhanya, Charlee, Yogi, Rajiv, Sikki, Trisha, Kishore, Senthil.....-mwuaah to you guys wherever you are.

Minsi gave me a mix-n-match Pattiala/dupatta and two stone-neck pieces, which I oh-so loved:

Pepsi and Alex:
Pepsi (aka Hepsiba) is a cute little cherub, who looks a lot like me. (just that she is the petite version): a new friend of mine, a hip-hop buddy, a bubble-pot and a doctor-to-be..
She gave me a Lifestyle voucher, with which I bought myself this Kurta:
Sweetheart, you’re going to be a great Doc: keep the smile and love you tons.

Alex--> Pepsi’s older brother, who studies with my younger brother Jeff.
Alex gave Jeff a cross, when he met my brother at my Birthday treat, as a keepsake after his trip to Dubai: I just like to think Jesus found a way to my special day. So I thought I’d put in this pic.

God bless yall.. Hope and Pray I’d celebrate many more Buddayz with all of you around!
And Blogger Buddies and Homiez, thanks a ton for all your wishes.
Love you all: mwuahhhh & Hugs.

ps: will post pics soon :)


vishesh said...

cho you too a cancer!!! lol,latea sonalu sona madiridhan "happy birthday" :D

Sachin said...

hi, long time...

belated happy birthday :)


Shruti said...

so sweet.. u had sulked when u suddenly had to go and couldn't be family on THE day.. so He found a way.. life's good with amazing friends around :-) :-) :-)

Anonymous said...

Atta girl! :-) loved ones always find a make important days special

Anonymous said...

wow!! I cme back after a long time... and see...see.. it is yur budday!!

such a cute collection of wonderful gifts!!

and u look amazing in that blue Kurti...

I so love the Gold put together stuff... i wish...smeone get me that ... :D

HAPPY budday girl... ohh i m sure u had a wonderful time... with all the wishes that are piling is mine... be happy always... just the way u r now .:) have fun

hope u find more n more reasons to be happy... and yur happiness is so infectious... cant help smiling after reading the post!

take care dah--lingg!

have a god day ahead!

maverick said...

wow...u seem to have had an amazing time...n u got awesome gifts too :)

Aคyushι said...

Yo yo baby!
Its your day..woohoo ;)

Have a great life cuteheart! :)

The Techno Maniac said...

Quite a good collection eh?

Seems like a good bday party.. so i suppose i ve to get ya something? but i am just going mad.. i m not able to get the ryte gift here for you! [:(]

wat do i do!

and kbnow we been togetehr for ab oyut three years now and its like i met u a month back!


PS - I love ya too!

Alok said...

Hey, Belated Happy Birthday!

This shower of yours put a smile across my face. :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha...and u said u needed luck to get manyy more do u want????

Sutta said...

Puurrfect "aaww" moment!

Happy Bday once again. May you never look old. :P

Vrij said...

A belated happy birthday to U!

And it seems u did have some good fun. And u look good in that kurti.. :)

rantravereflect/ jane said...

heeeee, no i'm a gemini baby :)
heeeeee yehhhhhh lata sonaalun latest solluriye pa :)
thankyaaa :)

heeyyyy yehhh caught up with ya posts yesterday
thanks a ton man!!

geeeeeee.. yehhhh man bigtime sulked :( n well, now the sulk is jus put away biggg tyme :)
i know life's grt when amazing friends are around :)

yehhhhh tehy do! loved ones maek a day kickarse!!:)

rantravereflect/ jane said...

heeeee, n after reading ya comment. me having a bigggggggg smile on my face early on a tuesday mawnin.. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :)

n teh gold stuff, yehh i felt like a gold-digger wyd all of tat :)
will be happy n will keepsmilin sweetheart.. loadsa lurvvvv n hugsss :)

yehhh man, had an awesum tyme with some sooper-awesum peopel around :)

heyyy cupcake! thanks a ton!!

rantravereflect/ jane said...

3 yearsss hmmmmm.. yehhh n i thot it was two!!! man does time fly?? ya guyssss are the bestesttttt.. n you're an awesum bud sweetheart:) mwuahhhhh :*
n as long as i have ya, i dun need nethyn else!! :) n tatz not a corny line :)

i'm happy tat i put a smile on ya face:) yupperz!!!

heeeeee, i think i m saturated for this year, but if neone's givin me sum more, i'm still open;);)

rantravereflect/ jane said...

heeee.. mannnn soooo clear taht the awwww was ironic:) ya can never be too sweet ryte???;);) juz liek ya :) geeee

thanks a ton man!! n hey, thanks for the compliment.. :)

Divkiran said...

wah wah wah
U had much fun I can see!!!

And wt also just got done with my oscar speech nd here i see

I am so J of you, my lst bday was a 30 minute affair and i cudnt do much cuz of a broken leg...only solace was being with my closest frnds...mera no ka ayega!!!! LOL

Nice to know u had a grt 3 day birthday :)

Divkiran said...

Oh and by the way, you look nice in these pics!!! Rock On!!!

Keshi said...

WOWZA thats a super hot bday update hun! LOVED THE PICS and YOU especially! looking HOT babeh!

Love that purple top..i want! :)


JollyRoger said...

Happy b'day, i celebrated mine a cpl of days earlier

humbl devil said...

belated happy u had fun...



lucky grl.keep rockng

Sutta said...

I wasn't 'sweet' enough? :|
Sob Sob!

Sutta said...

Is portraying reality not healthy? :-/

Sutta said...

We (well, atleast I) dont write for others. I write for myself so the only granny I should listen to is the inner one inside me. And ironically it wants me to listen to no one else, as well. Writing it out is better than dying from mindfucks inside, na? :)

Though, I'll surely try n earn the 'sweet' tag from you sometime. ;)

Cinderella. said...

Someone had a fan-fckn-tastic birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so so so so zealous of ya woman !!!!

Ok, zealous phase over, happy phase in.

Damn glad you had wondeful shower sweets. And the pic of yours is just awesome !

And the purple tee is a killer...!

Macadamia The Nut said...

Can you lend me your friend for a while?

Lol! SUch cute pals..and such lovely gifts.. SOMEOne's had a blast I can see ;)

Solitaire said...

belated birthday wishes.
I wish I were back in those days where birthdays were so much fun!
I hate being grown-up and all for that reason!

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

How sweet!Great that you had such a wonderful b'day :)

Lovely gift,all of them!

Your post brought back lots of memories of Chennai.Oh how I miss it :(

Anonymous said...

You've been tagged Miss story teller ! check my blog for details

gunj said...

whoa! seems like u had a great time gal! may u have many more such days!:)

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

i lurrve that purple tee and that cute lil cap! omfg, SO adorable!
happy major-belated birthday!!

tis beeen looong, holaa!!


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